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Who else wants to spread Real World Self Defense around the world…and get paid for it? Join the Combat Kuntao International movement NOW! (Study groups now forming throughout the world).

There's a reason why, over the last 21yrs, thousands of men, women and teens put their trust in this man to teach them how to EFFECTIVELY protect themselves...he saves lives!
This includes; Law enforcement members, (both here and abroad), protection specialist and security personnel.
Let him show you, in a short period of time, what has taken him over 30+yrs to perfect.

Learn our simple yet extremely effective self defense system, then get paid to
help others protect themselves and their loved ones. Learn more here


Our Mission

  • To teach law abiding citizens, throughout the world, how to effectively defend themselves and their loved ones.
  • To create training institutions throughout the world to help teach our “no nonsense” street survival program to men, women and teens.
  • To provide a proven reality-based self-defense certification program to current school owners that want to increase their adult client base.
  • To better prepare our Law Enforcement Officers, Protective Specialist and Security Personnel with proven, simple-to-learn Compliance & Control Tactics, Edge Weapon Defense, and more.

Facts :  Violent crime all over the world is on the rise and getting worse by the minute!   

  • Women are the major victims of violence and many of the brazen attacks are happening in broad daylight, in plain view of unconcerned or scared citizens!
  • 70% of attacks on women are without a weapon!
  • Teenager assaults in school and on the street are increasing and becoming more brazen.  Attackers are now posting attacks on YouTube!
  • Untrained men are being robbed, and or killed, at gun or knife point   
  • Business men and women are now being followed to their homes and targeted for home invasion.
  • Men and women on vacation travel are being targeted…especially in foreign countries.

The need for “Real World” self-defense skills has never been greater!

People from ALL walks of life are looking for a simple way to protect themselves and their loved ones without spending years trying to master a traditional martial art. Our proven system of real world self-defense will teach you how to effectively defend yourself or loved one in record time!

Get in the best shape of your life while learning extremely simple, yet highly effective techniques.
Watch as your confidence soars with every high energy class, taught by one of the most respected Personal Safety Instructors in the world!

You’ll learn how to “Turn Fear Into Fury” and develop superior “Awareness & Alertness” skills to drastically reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

Listen to what these school owners and teachers have to say about Combat Kuntao

"Real effective and real life based. It's quick and easy to learn and its techniques are just awesome"

Sensei Kenneth Fjeld Krokstadelva, Norway

"This is not a flowery system with lots of forms. Combat Kuntao is great to learn self-defense"

Shi Fu Dan Sabastenelli
Lees Burg, Virginia

"I'm very impressed with the school and students (...) I recommend this school highly!"

Sensei Brian Ratliff
Hixon, Tennesse

Online Training Course

Unable to train at our headquarter location…No Problem!

Our online  training course is designed to teach you, step by step, how to effectively protect yourself and loved ones while in your living room, office or on travel. We have programs for the beginner, as well as advanced martial arts practitioners. Learn some of the most extremely effective techniques in the world, to include:

  • Split second takedowns using finger pressure
  • How to quickly escape any stand up grab
  • How to put someone to sleep in 6 seconds
  • Crushing leg attacks that will leave your attacker unable to stand, let alone fight
  • Simple nerve strikes that will leave your attacker thinking he was electrocuted
  • Excruciating joint locks that will have your attacker on his knees
  • Blinding stun and escape techniques for women
  • Split second multiple attack techniques
  • Numbing impact weapon defense
  • Simple, yet extremely effective edged weapon defense
  • And much more

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