Combat Kuntao Street Self Defense

Certified Instructors

Below is a list of certified active instructors. These instructors have passed an intense training program and are authorized to teach Combat Kuntao. The instructors with the title "Guro" have personally trained with me in the parent system of Combat Kuntao as well as other intricate systems. Only active instructors will be authorized to teach Combat Kuntao.

Senior Instructors
Bobby Perry (Guro)
Chuck Brown (Guro)
Carey Gormes (Guro)
Rhonda Ferrell (Guro)
Valencia Robinson (Guro)
Brian Williams (Guro)
Johanna Williams (Guro)
Ed Rhodes (Guro)
John Butler (Guro)
Training Instructors
Sensei Bryan Ratliff
Sensei Kenneth Fjeld
Sensei Murillo
Sensei Shihan Reynolds

Grand Master
Roberto Latini

Irene Latini
Emmanuel Latini
Group Leaders

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