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Master Samuel Scott

Master Samuel Scott has over 42 years of martial arts training. He is one of the most sought after Master Instructors in the world.

  • 1976 – began training in the martial arts
  • Former Correctional Officer at P.G. County Dept of Corrections. Emergency Response Team member – 14 years experience; Certified in Repelling and Tactical Response Training
  • Certified Instructor in Filipino martial arts, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Chin Na and Kyusho Jitsu
  • Regional Representative for Kyusho International (World leader in pressure point training)
  • Edge Weapon Instructor
  • Nationally ranked fighter – over 300 matches
  • 1992 - Gold Medal winner in the International Police Olympics
  • 1992 - Creator/founder of Talahib Kuntao (a/k/a "Street Combat Self-defense") –a scientific system of personal protection
  • 1992 - Founder of Full Circle Martial Arts Academy and Combat Kuntao Self Defense Program
  • Regional Representative of Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan – 5th Generation Head of the Pambuan Arnis Family System
  • Voted Blackbelt Hall of Fame’s Instructor of the Year - 1996
  • 1997 - Certified Executive Protection Specialist
  • Received "Master" credentials in 1997 by Nganga Tolo-Naa
  • 2001 - C.D.T. Tactical Master Instructor
  • Certified in Gracie Survival Tactics (Law Enforcement)
  • Certified Instructor for the Maryland Police Training Commission
  • Featured in various news mediums – Channel 9 News, Fox 5 News, NBC 4, WNEWS 99.1 FM, Gazette, Prince George’s Journal, Afro-American, BET Heart & Soul, WHUR World 96.3, WPFW Radio (89.3)
  • Host of award-winning cable program, titled “The Self Defense Forum”
  • Member of Martial Arts International Association (MAIA)
  • Certified Air Marshal in the "American in Defense Program" under the World Blackbelt Organization
  • 2005 Recipient of "Living Legend Award" from Master Robert Everhart Martial Arts
  • Co-founder of Elite Personal Safety Systems
  • Developer of "The Defender" Keychain Weapon curriculum
  • 2006 Induction into the Blackbelt Hall of Fame under the Worldhead Sokeship Council as the Founder of Talahib Kuntao (Filipino martial art)
  • Received a Proclamation from Prince Georges County, Maryland, County Executive Jack Johnson for his commitment to the community via the martial arts
  • Trained at the Shi-Cha-Hai Sports School in Bei Jing, China
  • Graduate of Executive Protection Institute (Virginia)
  • Member of Nine Lives Associates
  • CPR Certified/Defibrulator Certified
  • Certified Life Coach (Fowler Wainwright International)
  • Founder of Elite Training Group - Law Enforcement and Military Training (3 Year Contract Training Abu Dhabi Police)
  • Recepient of Pioneer award Simba Dojang
  • 2017 - Recepient of Who's Who in the Martial Arts Award
  • 2017 - Featured in Who's Who in the Martial Arts Book
  • Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach for the John Maxwell Team

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