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Become a member of a prestigious international organization that is dedicated to teaching, researching and promoting real world self-defense to people all over the world! We will provide seminars and workshops throughout the world, as well as annual training retreats at our headquarter location.

As a member, you’ll not only have an opportunity to train in one of the most effective street survival systems in the world, you’ll also have free access to all seminar footage and other training and lectures throughout the world.

Those who become qualified instructors will be posted in our “Instructor Section” and will have access to marketing material to include: postcards, business cards, and more, at a discounted rate.

Annual membership is $35.00 and includes:

  • Membership Certificate
  • Our unique patch
  • 10% discount on all seminars and products
  • Listing on our website (If training to become a Group leader or Instructor.)
  • Special online training session with Master Scott (Must be in Instructor training program)
  • Access to all seminar footage and special training sessions (Must be in Instructor training program)

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Level 1 Instructor Certification Programs

  1. Combat Kuntao
  2. Combat Chin Na
  3. Filipino Boxing

Our popular instructor certification program has a live and online training component.  To complete Level I certification, you must score 90% or higher on the test.  You must also be able to execute these techniques in both slow motion and real-time. Upon completion of the program, a email will need to be sent to with "Testing request" in the subject line.

It is highly recommended that you submit a evaluation request form at the end of each training category. This will allow us to correct any challenges you might have before you test.

The categories are:

  • The Basics (including kicks)
  • Empty hand ( Will review in 2 parts)
  • Street grappling
  • Weapon Disarms


Testing will be conducted via one of the following ways:

  • At a live event
  • Real-time thru Skype
  • Post video on USTREAM
  • Pre-record and send by mail

Test fee is $99 and is non-refundable; however, if you fall short of the required 90%, you can retest at no additional charge.


  • Combat Kuntao - $599
  • Combat Chin Na - $299
  • Filipino Boxing - $299

Note: You must be a member of Combat Kuntao to qualify for instructor certification.


Upon successful completion of the Level I Certification Program, you will receive our prestigious certificate and your photo will be posted on our instructor page, along with your website info and school or training location. You will then be able to host your own seminars, add it to your current curriculum, or teach it to your specialty clubs.

There are no monthly licensing fees!  However, to maintain the integrity of the program and quality of instruction, there is an annual re-certification process.  The cost of re-certification is $99.00, due December 31st of each year.

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