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Combat Kuntao

This Real World self defense technology is a simple yet highly effective system that anyone can learn, regardless of size or gender.The principals of simplicity and economy of motion are key components to this highly effective system of personal protection.

Filipino Boxing

Filpino Boxing, also known as Panatukan or Suntukan, is a sophisticated system of self-defense that utilizes a multitude of weapon, including elbows, knees, head butts, kicks, forearms and shoulder strikes.  It also encompasses an array of principles and concepts that dramatically confuses your opponent such as structure disruption, pivot point manipulation, and sectoring.

Combat Chin Na

Combat Chin Na is a no nonsense system of excruciating joints locks. Combat Chin Na will teach you how to quickly drop your opponent to his knees - with one finger, regardless of his size or strength. In this program, you’ll learn: Split second joint locks, finger pressure takedowns, multiple joint lock techniques, defense and counter-sensitivity drills, as well as touch pressure control-holds for compliance.

Study Group Program

Become a study group leader in your area and add Combat Kuntao as another highly profitable revenue source for your school. Students love the program and you will open up a brand new demographic of students to your martial arts school. Many parents take Combat Kuntao while enrolling their children in a traditional martial arts program.

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